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Collaborating at Work


How can we help you?

EXCEED LLC was founded in 2020 with a single mission: to be a successful value-based grassroots community-focused services agency. We approach each opportunity with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique ideas and strategies to assist micro and small business owners. 


Our goal is to inspire  our clients through collaborative efforts in meeting their business and career goals and objectives, and by providing information, resources and assistance.


We are always seeking Individuals, Professionals and Business organizations of color that are interested in networking and collaborating with other people of color to scale, grow and sustain our communities. 

Are you an established Business owner,  Brand or Influencer? Great! Are you ready or willing to assist a new business owner to set their brand or business on the path to success? Are you willing to offer another person of color an opportunity for career training, an internship, apprenticeship or employment  opportunity

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Individually we succeed, together we Exceed!

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