Collaborative Efforts

We specialize in assisting those within marginalized communities in initiating, sustaining and or growing. Professionals within marginalized communities are often provided limited opportunities to compete and grow in the business marketplace, often lacking access to information, business people, and resources. Exceed LLC believes in collaborative efforts allowing those in marginalized communities to support one another to inspire, grow and excel.
We’re fortunate to be to affiliated with some of the best Professionals in their field and many are willing to be Independent Consultants, lending their knowledge and expertise to those whom they choose as clients. Our professionals are sourced from various industries who can assist in reaching and or exceeding your individual or business goals. From ideation to execution, we will continue to build our Professional Consultant Board to ensure each visit will display exceptional talent from within diversified communities.




Naturally Native Exclusive Hair & Skincare was established by Monica J in 2015. Monica J is a Professional Beauty Consultant and Stylist with over 25 years of experience in the industry with a focus on natural healthy hair and skincare. As Beauty Salon owner of Brazilian Beauty Bar Natural Salon Monica J provides facials, hair and eyelash extensions and custom wigs for exclusive clientele and  community members.  Monica J's products and services has recently been accepted as a partner with Walmart and Amazon, but has maintained a history of providing her exclusive product line with Empire Beauty Supply chains. "My mission is promoting physical beauty naturally."  

As a Professional Beauty Consultant Monica J is available to provide information and resources for the Naturally Native Exclusive Hair & Skincare  product line as well as hair extensions and wig consultations. 

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Community Contributor, Mentor, Artist

Tandylyn Cooke acquired two undergraduate degrees and a Masters of Business Administration with a focus on innovative leadership at Stratford University in Glen Allen, Virginia. Tandylyn is driven by her love for knowledge and the art of sharing knowledge, through artistic channels. Tandylyn spends time engaging in community services initiatives. Tandylyn mentor students ranging from 15 to 18 years of age each week through the Team Excel Foundation created by former NFL player Michael Robinson. She serves as a sounding board for concerns for each student regarding academics, athleticism, and social environments, in which she offers sound solutions, while posing thought provoking questions that help develop the critical thinking of her mentees.  Tandylyn's mentoring strategies are designed to link the gaps between historical foot prints and paths, with the current mental makeup of the youth and the forever changing position of society. Tandylyn has appeared as a reoccurring voice/speaker on Legacy Internet Radio, a panel speaker on a talk show titled “Sista to Sista… Can we talk?” owned by the Legendary Author Mrs. Tracey Hardney-Scott, guest speaker on Nigeria (Enugu State) Soul Sista radio show; and Co-host on the Jagar & Diamond Tee radio show (WRIR 97.3FM). Each social platform embodied and focused on community relationships/efforts, political environments, musical influencers, black independent films, and societal challenges. Tandylyn is also an emerging actress, in which she will continue to utilize her talents through the channel of theatrical arts. Her mantra on life encompasses love, belief, family, and comprehension of the overall collective human experience.



Educator, Student Athletics and Educational Consultant

Kimble’s Kourt will help your school and community’s efforts to plan for the effective youth  development across physical, emotional, social, and psychological arenas and help them ultimately grow as

productive citizens. After this master class you will design, stage and deliver desirable results within your organization.

We will help your organization develop your youth holistically, including self-esteem, confidence, leadership, and soft skills to be successful and productive members of society.




DA SPOT NYC is a 1,000 sq ft retail space within the popular City Point Brooklyn Mall (historically known as Albee Square Mall). It now houses its original Dumbo neighbor, the C.A.N.V.A.S Art Gallery, (Creating A New View Around Society), which features the work of local artists each month. In addition, DA SPOT hosts creative workshops, business panels and live performances for the community in shop monthly for the community.  DA SPOT NYC is more than just a boutique, it is a "platform for creativity". 

Love, Peace, Grind and Shop!

Michelle Cadore is also owner of YESIAMINC.COM! 

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